European Cycle 2020: A gentle bike ride from Spain to Norway

Europe Cycle - Tarifa to North Cape

Following a great first year establishing Data Minister as provider of DBA expertise, and working with some fantastic clients, I’ll now be taking a break for a few months to attempt a cycle ride covering the length of continental Europe.

To bring a data-aspect to my cycle tour, I’ve built a simple GPS location logging system, that you can use to follow my progress. For this, I’ve used a few technologies that I’ve recently been learning while I studied for the Microsoft Professional Program Big Data qualification. These include Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory and Power BI, along with a useful GPS Logger application.

If you’d like to follow my progress, the map showing my latest location can be found on this page, along with a few photos from my Instagram feed.

UPDATE MARCH 2020: Unfortunately I didn’t pick the best time to try cycling the length of Europe! The trip started well, and I had a fantastic first six weeks making it through the whole of Spain and France. However, a few hours before I was due to cross the border into Italy, the whole country sadly went into lock down due to the coronavirus pandemic. The rest of Europe soon followed suit, so I was forced to return to the UK. I hope to complete the trip to Europe’s most northerly point one day in the future.

The location tracker that I made to plot my progress worked really well, and you can still see my course plotted on a Power BI map here.

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