European UniCycle 2020 – A gentle bike ride from Spain to Norway

Following a great first year establishing Data Minister as provider of DBA expertise, and working with some fantastic clients, I’ll now be taking a break for a few months to attempt a cycle ride covering the length of continental Europe.

To bring a data-aspect to my cycle tour, I’ve built a simple GPS location logging system, that you can use to follow my progress. For this, I’ve used a few technologies that I’ve recently been learning while I studied for the Microsoft Professional Program Big Data qualification. These include Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory and Power BI, along with a useful GPS Logger application.

I will aim to produce to few posts when I return, explaining in more detail about how each component works. If you’d like to follow my progress, the map showing my latest location can be found on this page, along with a few photos from my Instagram feed.

I shall be returning to take on some more data-based contracts circa July 2020. See you then!

European UniCycle 2020 – A gentle bike ride from Spain to Norway

Hello! on February 1st 2020 I’ll be setting off from the most Southerly point of continental Europe (Tarifa, Spain) and cycling North. Possibly – if everything goes OK – as far as the most Northerly point (North Cape, Norway), roughly 5000 miles away.

I’ve built the map below using some tools that I’ve recently been learning. It should update regularly with my current location, and show where I’ve cycled so far. Click the diagonal “full screen” icon below the map for a larger version.

On the final approach into Barcelona, on a nice handy cycle path through the suburbs so far.

If you're tracking the progress on my website (, the map of the whole 3 weeks is beginning to look a bit crowded. But you can move the slider (shown by the arrow in the picture) to just look at today, or the last few days... #BicycleTouring #Spain #Catalonia #Barcelona #cyclepath #map #powerbi

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- cafes that are open!
- cafes that serve food before 2pm!
- drinks that aren't brown!
- food that involves green things!
- other people!

It's all becoming a bit more touristy as we get nearer to Barcelona, and I'm not sure if I like it 🤔

#BicycleTouring #spain #Catalonia #Stiges #caesarsalad #smoothie

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Update from a park overlooking the #Amphitheatre in #Taragona

#BicycleTouring #Spain #Catalonia #valenciatobarcelona #anfiteatro

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Morning from Platja de l'Àliga, where it looks like the GR92 is in need of a little bit of maintenance. This is still shown as a road on @komoot 🤷‍♂️ #BicycleTouring #Spain #endoftheroad ...

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