Data Minister specialise in providing boosts of data administration expertise to organisations that may not need a permanent DBA, or need an extra pair of hands on a short-term piece of work.

Experienced in working with Microsoft SQL Server, we can support your database environment either on-site or remotely, or spend some time empowering your staff with the skills needed to look after the environment themselves.

Services include:

  • Calmly guiding you through rectifying critical database issues.
  • Troubleshooting and solving SQL Server-related problems you may be experiencing.
  • One-off or regular review and elevation of the performance of your database environment.
  • Consolidating your current SQL Server installations to reduce licensing costs and maintenance overhead.
  • Automating processes that are currently performed manually.
  • Design and installation of new SQL Server environments.
  • Upgrade and migration of existing databases to new hardware, or cloud-based Azure environment.
  • Creating a monitoring and alerting solution for your SQL Server environment.
  • Supplementing or leading your current DBA team with day-to-day support, on a short-term or adhoc basis.
  • Adapting the way database administration work is carried out to fit with a new business model (such as Agile or Site-Reliability Engineering methodology).
  • Coaching non-DBA specialists to detect and fix database-related issues.

To discuss your requirements, or our services, in more detail, please drop us a line at